An experienced team of specialists ready to help you plan, create and launch..


Design isn’t an overlay: it’s the underpinning.

Easy to Manage

User friendly admin panel to add, edit and delete the content, banners, pages, images & videos and many more. At Woksen, we create quality web design that are custom made to suit your business needs at a very affordable price.


We’re able to lead technically challenging projects capable of delivering intuitive and engaging UI. We’ve established a way of working with you that’s focused on delivering high quality software that meets your end users’ needs, and your business goals.


It’s important to understand your product vision: What – Who - How problem are you trying to solve? From the off we’ll be researching your competitors, interviewing your customers and recommending a strategy for gaining valuable user feedback.

Fast Processing

Speed is of the essence now more than ever in web design. Your site visitors want to have a blazingly fast site experience, and if you don't deliver, they'll go somewhere else where they can! That's just the way it is today, as the trend is heading toward faster and faster sites.

Bespoke Development

We’ll develop your product following an Agile approach. We use behaviour driven development to ensure we’re building the agreed requirements and test driven development to ensure high quality code with regular quality assurance.

Highly Secure & Swift

You’ll know all about the dangers of hacking but with our world-leading security solutions, you can be guaranteed of not only a website that’s fast and secure, it will also have daily back-ups and its own secret test area as standard. Not to mention dedicated 24/7 support.

Woksen is very familiar in web application with over a decade of experience in building web applications. Our dedicated web app developers have successfully completed over 100 projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Restaurant, Entertainment and more. Web application development includes many stages, from high level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing and training. Through this complete process, we remain clear and transparent with our clients without any misleading promises.

The promise of a customised web or mobile application at an economical price seems dubious at first, but we at Woksen implore you to look into our methods and see where we cut costs while keeping track of the original idea. Many apps built by web application development company seem to primarily focus on the aesthetics and outlook of the application rather than what is in its interior. They forget the fact that if the application cannot sustain itself and attract customers by its functionality, there is no need for the pretty looks.

Woksen first and foremost creates an app that is:

  • Efficient and reliable – promising functionality at a low cost.
  • Secure and swift – there is no advantage of building an app that is not fast or if it lacks in security and privacy.
  • Good to look at – aesthetics is of course part of the venture but once we get everything else in order.

Web application development company like Woksen insist on improving and upgrading the means of communication between the client and customer and help create and nurture a lasting bond of trust and reliability that lasts for decades.

Woksen develops custom web applications and software across a wide range of technology platforms. Our main aim is to ensure that our client's business strategies are successfully implemented and the technological performance is enhanced. We work in close collaboration with our customers to try and understand their business model and their exact requirements. We automate your unique business processes to allow you to spend your time doing what you do best. We develop custom software/web applications like support and integration of inventory management, and other types of web applications for FMCGs, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, Fashion etc. Our main specialization lies in developing web-based applications for businesses. Web-based means, software that runs on the web. Whatever you need from your web app, whether it’s a practical event booking application, a smart automated CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool or a fun online scrapbook, our skilled developers can build it. From something up-front and flashy to a smart piece of behind the scenes functionality – we can turnyour smart idea into a great piece of software.


Our integrated bespoke software for businesses and start-ups alikeis built on the promise of functionality and efficiency.


Building, testing and supporting web apps

We make sure that what we’ve produced is what we set out to produce, and ensure it all works correctly on varied device types.
We like automated and manual testing, making sure that where possible we have automated tests to cover the design functionality, backed up with the manual testing. You can’t beat a human set of eyes looking at it.

We'll work to ensuring that product continues to perform in the way that it’s expected long after the product is launched. Long term support for apps is key to it's success as new technology and technology updates often change the underlying systems which could otherwise harm performance of the application.

And as user uptake of your application grows, we'll work with you to collect and analyse information about usage and help to guide design changes and enhancements. We like to maintain relationships with clients over the years, supporting systems, offering advice, and remaining a part of the project.

What are web apps and how can they help me?

Webs apps are pieces of online software that fulfil a purpose. A web app can be part of a website or a separate software tool. It does not need to be installed, as users access it through their web browser.

For example, you may already have a website but need an application to provide an online portal for subscribers. Or you may need a complex, clever application that will take huge amounts of raw data and extract certain information from it.

An app - whatever it may be - performs a function.


Web app development makes life easier

Apps should work hard so you don't have to. Or at least, allow you to spend your time doing the things that a human does better than a machine.

We're here to listen to what you want, understand how it needs to work, and provide a solution.

Even the complex solutions will be as streamlined as much as possible when it comes to using them. We like to put our heads together and come up with the best way to utilise technology on behalf of our clients.

Why choose web apps over desktop apps?

A web app is often chosen due to ease of maintenance and support. Rather than having software installed on your computer, it is hosted centrally in one place, and your login to access. If there is a problem, an engineer does not usually need to look at your computer.

A device dependent desktop application will have limitations on the type of computer it can be used on, for example developing something with the Microsoft language has to run on Windows computers. A web app has greater flexibility.

Web apps do have the limitation on the user having access to a web browser, and an internet connection - although this is much less of a limitation than in the past.


Why develop a web application?

We’ve built applications which give clients the power to offer incredibly accessible cloud based services, applications which allow international users the space and tools they need to work collaboratively, applications which make data management and reporting a streamlined breeze and apps which make workflows, well, work!

But, there’s so much more that can be done. If there’s a gap in the way you operate as a business, a cleverly designed application could be the solution you need to create a smoother, more usable and more cost effective online world…Talk to our team about your needs today to find out what you could achieve.

You’re the expert

We might be web application development specialists, but you’re the experts when it comes to your business. You know what you want your app to be, you know what you need it to do and you know how you want your visitors to use it.

At every stage of the process we offer our own insight, advice and technical skill, but we never forget who we’re creating each application for: you and your target market. That’s why every web application design project Woksen undertake is bespoke and conducted in close collaboration with our unique clients. Above all, we listen.


At, Woksen, we develop customized software solutions exclusively that outfit the various requirements of the organizations. We deliver customized easy to use application for content management, inventory management, customer management etc.