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Woksen – Storelin Restaurant Management System is the complete software application which covers total needs of your business lifecycle. It is single software with single database covering entire business operations like Sales, POS Sales, Stocks, Cost Control, Payroll and Finance. The Storelin is free to deploy and
use. There is a monthly fee for the basic license which covers the technical supports and the cloud backup service. Storelin RMS, presents a simple pay-as-you-go option that lets you start enjoying its benefits without the prohibitive upfront deposits, and absolutely no additional cost of infrastructure.

A Restaurant POS Built for Restaurant Success

See how a simple, powerful, all-in-one restaurant ecosystem can supercharge your restaurant operations.


Storelin RMS is more than just a restaurant management system: it’s an all-in-one restaurant management solution. Number of restaurants have streamlined their front-of-house and kitchen processes, analyzed their customer base with our CRM, and saved costs with Storelin restaurant management system by their side.

Even when you’re not in the restaurant, you can make data-driven decisions when viewing restaurant sales reports, menu reports, and even customer reports from your laptop, tablet, or phone. Storelin allow you to focus more on customer. Clean and informative Kitchen Order Tickets will increase productivity of your kitchen, it also reduces errors.


Storelin RMS is an advanced automated point of sales software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other Hotel outlets. Easy to use, pictorial user interface for quick billing with or without touch screen. This is not only helps streamlining the billing process but also enables evaluation and analysis of every branch by generating numerous reports. Storelin Point of sale system is an efficient and simple restaurant management system. Online Point of sale software designed to help restaurant businesses with keeping track of customers, sales, items and stock.

Whether you run a small restaurant or a chain of multiple restaurants, inventory management is as important as the quality of food delivered. The Software can take care of this department effectively and efficiently. It monitors real-time status of the orders and thus the depletion of inventory, and therefore predicts the approximate exhaustion time in advance. It can also consider the degree of perishability as a deciding variable. It can be configured to notify you, or send texts/mails to your regular vendors, or even purchase directly after comparing prices and delivery time from various online vendors! The software logs and displays the most accurate insights to all your expenses and income. You’ll probably no longer miss a penny unaccounted for and have perfect control over your money-flow.


Storelin RMS! is a desktop based Restaurant Management Software designed to give restaurants all the tools it requires to speed up service and increase efficiency of operations. The customizable options offered in the system is ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, cafes, bars, etc. No matter what kind of establishment, Storelin RMS! helps the staff to complete their tasks efficiently in line with their operational style and business.

Best Restaurant POS System - Pictorial Billing

  • Easy Pictorial Interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.
  • Picture display when selecting item on the invoice screen.
  • Manual Price Control, selection of price for items with multiple Prices
  • Create multiple price lists; accept payments in different payment modes.
  • Easily handle Dine-In, Take Away and Home Delivery orders.
  • Take orders over the phone and track your home delivery orders.
  • View your items category wise, search filters for easy search.
  • You can change dynamically the data view you are using to search the items faster.
  • You can define many different data views / hierarchies of your data.
  • For example, you can choose to see your data as Category (Food, Beverages) --> Type (Veg, NonVeg) this gives you and your customer’s tremendous ability to find a product you are looking for.
  • Auto offers and schemes management on billing screen. Notify customers about applicable offers

Order Management & Order Tracking System - Order Managemnet

  • This Restaurant POS software presents you with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. This is in-house dining deliveries and pickup.
  • The best flexibility this billing software offers you is the ability to define your own workflow for your order management.
  • You can track each order based on the workflow you have defined and move it ahead in your workflow based on the way you are running business.
  • You can attach delivery staff for each delivery order and maintain a record of each delivery.
  • Print your Sales Invoice & order slip like document on two printers at the same time.
  • When your customer places order you can print bill for customer and print another copy in the Kitchen at the same time.

Complete Billing & Inventory POS System - Daily Sales

  • Quickly view bills made from a specific terminal.
  • Quick view of last few bills.
  • Analyze your daily sales view broken by items .
  • Apply Inventory “Views” to daily sales .
  • View Daily sales as rolled up totals at any level in your category tree or view.
  • View Sales Totals between any date and time range .
  • View corresponding Sales Invoices of items mentioned in Daily Sales View .

Best Restaurant POS System with Analytical Reports - Reports

  • While you are using Storelin RMS you can run several reports which can be customized to your business needs.
  • You can check which product you are selling most.
  • You can get report on your fast-moving items.
  • You can get reports on your profit & Loss and balance sheet.
  • You can get reports on your dump stock.
  • You can check your sales report and see what your maximum rush hour is. This will help you manage your staffing accordingly.
  • You should also be able to quickly see your daily sales statistics, stock items and short stocks
Manage your restaurant chains and franchises from a single place
Intelligent inventory and stock management
Elevate your customer’s dining experience with Storelin RMS’s tablet menu
Billing Operations, the final punch of the meal!
Everything from the table to menu management
Administer all your chain restaurants from the head office unit

Storelin Restaurant Management System with POS

Fit for all restaurant types, cuts down lapses, lowers costs and enhances customer experience