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All-In-One Solution that successfully manage your business anytime, anywhere, and simplify your Life.

Woksen Loan Management!

Woksen Loan Management System is a powerful Loan Servicing application. This application is the fully functional cloud-based solution for mortgage companies, commercial lending, credit unions, municipalities, private and institutional lenders auto loan servicing, student loans, real estate loans, and much more. Woksen Online Loan Management System allows you for better evaluating borrowers, decision making support and online-lending process automation. It has been specially designed to simplify the task of entire lending lifecycle including borrower management: from loan origination to debt collection. It also
servicing mortgages, simple interest, revolving credit, bi-weekly, and other methods of interest calculation. Easy to use, affordable and professional loan servicing software. Woksen Loan Management System is a strong platform for manage Loan, Deposit & Interest from 100% secure Backend. Woksen Loan is best platform ever for proper management and utilization of microcredit, microfinance, installment based Loan & many more. Its 100% user friendly, easy to use, easy to manage, fully responsive, included staff access, full transection & billing system, fully management of loan & deposit and many more.




  • Only First Name and Last Name required to create borrower
  • Upload picture and files if any
  • Add details such as DOB, Email, Mobile, and Address
  • Send SMS and Email directly to Borrower
  • Auto Send SMS and Email
  • Add Loans
  • Unlimited Borrowers can be added


To add loans, you first need to add a Loan Product which is where you set interest rates and other fields.

  • Add Loan Products
  • Choose from Flat Interest, Reducing Balance – Equal Installments, Reducing Balance – Equal Principal, Interest-Only loans
  • Released Date, Amount, Interest %, Duration, and Repayment Cycle
  • Set Grace Period
  • Set Penalties for late repayment and after maturity date
  • Set a different Interest Start Date
  • First Repayment Date and First Repayment Amount can be manually set in Add Loan
  • Add Loan Fees
  • Add Loan Agreement files
  • Unlimited Loans


  • View and print Loan Statement and Collection Schedule
  • Add Repayment
  • View Loan Terms and Files
  • Add Comments
  • Edit Collection Sheet
  • Override Loan Due Amount
  • Filter Loans
  • Send bulk SMS to borrowers on the Daily Collection Sheet or the Overdue Loans Sheets.


  • Add Collateral
  • Manage all Collateral in a Register


  • Add Expense
  • Set Expense Type
  • Upload Invoices and Receipts
  • Set Recurring Expenses
  • View and filter Expenses based on Expense Type


  • Add Payroll for your Staff
  • Automatically Generate Pay slips
  • Choose Payroll Templates
  • Edit Template Fields
  • Set Recurring Payroll
  • View and filter Payroll based on Staff name


  • Add Other Income
  • Set Other Income Type
  • Upload Files
  • Download Receipts
  • Set Recurring Other Income
  • View and filter Other Income based on Other Income Type
  • Set permissions for each staff role and control what pages they can see


  • Loan Released Chart
  • Loan Collections Chart
  • Balance Sheet, Net Profit, Gross Profit, Expenses, and Payroll Charts


  • Collection Report and Chart
  • Cash Flow and Detailed Cash Flow
  • Profit Loss Statement


  • Add Staff and upload picture and files
  • Set Staff Roles for each staff such as Cashier, Teller, Operations Manager, Collector, and Branch Manager


Add your own form fields to borrowers, loans, expenses, other income, collateral


Configure the system to automatically send reports, remind borrowers or set penalties


“Woksen Loan is an online loam management system that allows lending businesses to manage their borrowers, loans, repayments, and collections with ease while being affordable at the same time.”

Woksen LMS is an advanced and comprehensive loan management system that aims to improve the quality, turnaround time and service for end-customers. It enables the institute to improve the agility, transparency and efficiency of their lending solutions. As a loan management solution, it enables financial institutions to automate the processes for achieving cost savings and enhanced customer experience.

The platform is enriched to support Microfinance business by a dedicated module that come with convenient and unique features, with easy procedures and simple terms and conditions.

Woksen Loan Management System is a complete, agile loan servicing application that automates loan billing and payments, collections management and accounting under one robust, flexible and secure platform. It efficiently manages portfolios, increases transaction volume and rapidly brings new products to market. Woksen LMS enables real-time online updates of transactions, and can be easily integrated with mobile platforms. Woksen LMS gives you complete control of your lending products and provides support for all of your lending needs.

The Woksen Management System (LMS) is a robust and innovative architectural platform that is comprised of a Front-Office Loan Origination System (that supports consumer and retail financing facilities, as well as SME and Corporate lending) and of a Back-Office Loans Administration system.


  • Effective support for front office operations

    Provides a consolidated and comprehensive view to the Financial Institution’s user to access entire information pertaining to the Customer.

  • Customer Service

    Comprehensive window for request mechanism to capture any service requests

  • Flexible Payments Handling

    Supports various kinds of payments

  • Adjustment Postings

    Enables various types of Adjustment entries as per the business requirements

  • Modification to Existing Loans

    Enables easy simulation and execution of modification to existing loans

  • Customer Interactions

    Improves turnaround time for all customer interactions leading to a superior customer experience

  • Operating Cost

    Automated billing, payments and fees for lower operating costs

  • Analytics

    Real-time analytics for accurate and customized dashboards and reports

  • Loan Restructuring

    Create restructured loan transactions. System provides separate transaction policy configured for restructured loans

  • Quick Access

    Quick speed of change to conform with changing regulations and business processes

  • Interest and Charges Accrual

    Supports definition of different frequencies and methods of interest accrual

  • Operational Efficiency

    Straight through and bulk processing capabilities

  • Effective Customer Communications

    Standard set of letters that can be sent to the customer

  • Flexibility

    Defining various types of transaction policies, allocation priorities and configurations

  • Integrated Accounting

    Setup specific chart of accounts and accounting strategies

  • Delinquency Marking

    Proactive monitoring of quality of loans

  • Balance transfer

    Supports both internal/external loans with/without top-up

  • Dynamic Fields & Custom Sourcing

    Capability to add user defined fields and forms

Manage the complexities encountered during the lifecycle of the loan. Manage contract creation, execution, and analysis for maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk.

The Woksen Loan Management System helps automate the servicing and management of multiple lending portfolios on a single platform.

The solution provides a comprehensive set of customer and account centric business operations which enable organizations to be more agile and also offers front office customer support capability. Better manage the customer life-cycle with ease of handling part payments, foreclosures, re-structuring and control portfolio quality with provisioning and accounting configurations to achieve greater profitability through the Woksen Loan Management System.

Woksen Loan Management System is a simple, accessible and intelligible, 100% Browser-based Loan Application Program that will not only change the way you do business; it will change your life!

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