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All-In-One Solution that successfully manage your business anytime, anywhere, and simplify your Life.

Woksen Laboratory Management!

Woksen Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a cloud application that allows you to effectively manage patients, tests, samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency. A lab in today’s connected enterprise has to be more than just “paperless.” It has to be more flexible and efficient than ever in order to respond to the needs of the business. Our flexible Woksen LIMS are relied upon to manage data, resources and workflows. Specific application functionality
dramatically reduces implementation, training, validation and maintenance costs. As molecular and genetic diagnostics move from the benchtop to the bedside, researchers and clinicians must develop lab processes that are responsive to physician and patient needs, while also meeting the technical demands of a medical research lab. Their data management solution has to be able to manage secure patient information, and also handle laboratory data, sample tracking, dynamic workflows and inventory.

Your business will benefit from capabilities such as browser-based deployment, external-facing web portals, and fully configurable web services while at the same time having the richest catalogue of modular laboratory management software functionality from which to draw when deciding how to implement your LIMS system. Reliable, easy to use, and completely free, Woksen LIMS has helped number of labs better manage their workflows. We offer one-on-one personalized training to help your lab get started with Woksen LIMS, and can also help migrate your existing databases/Excel files.

Woksen Lab information management system is one stop solution for managing all the appointments and reports of the laboratory online. This system helps lab management to send reports to customer mail address and also gives financial overview of the day. Woksen LIMS is powerful, flexible, and easy to use responsive platform. The system has control for all system modules that’s enables you to develop your organization billing system and improve its effectiveness and quality.


One of the advantage of using Woksen Lab information management system is that billing of all types, report generation and printing is possible within few seconds having no chances of flaws or errors. Apart from this, offered software helps all Lab centers in monitoring their revenues for better administrative perspectives.

“Great lab or diagnostic center starts with great lab management.”


No download needed

Quartzy is a secure web-based service, accessible from any internet-connected device. There is nothing to download or install. It is completely free to use.

Lab Test

System has pre-configured lab test and user can create more. In lab test request, we can select appropriate test to be performed on the patient and that can be invoice.

Patients detail

Patients detail can be maintained along with Lab Tests. Search and select is quite easy. While booking any appointment system allows creating new patient details on fly.


Appointments can be maintained for lab test. Test requests and results are linked with appointment. System can generate invoice based on choice. System has ability to provide concession through pricelist. We have facility to print report for both request and result.


System provides an option to do Patient Billing against Scheduled Lab Appointment. Maintaining patient billing is simple and easy. System can generate report for the same.

SMS / Email Notification

Make everything Paperless from Lab Billing, orders to Reports. Link all your customers online and email the lab reports right away, taking note of everything digitally using Woksen LIMS.

Management Reports

Carry your current status of Lab anywhere and anytime. All kinds of Analytical reports can be derived from Woksen LIMS Reports. Exports options are available to make the account management process easier.


  • Responsive user interface
  • Test management
  • Patient management
  • Patient report management
  • Doctor referrer system
  • Online receipt of request management for investigations.
  • Powerful search simply applied by entering unique record ID, Patient ID and patient name with specified dates.
  • Information gathering about date of visit, referred Doctor name etc.
  • Extensive customer record keeping.
  • Special discount system
  • Enhanced inventory management.
  • Generates patient summary and reports.
  • Excellent invoicing and billing facilities.
  • Multiple user account system.
  • SMS & Email Functionality.
  • A complete customizable solution.
  • Patient record keeping management.
  • Provides report emailing facility if patient is not present or unable to collect reports.
  • Organized and easy backup facility.
  • Unlimited users can access at a time.
  • Reliable and easy to use software.

Given the extremely competitive environment, we understand that pathologists and lab owners are losing sleep over multiple challenges haunting them every day.

Primary areas of concern include faster processing of sample, dealing with the unpredictability of number of samples to be processed on a daily basis for planning resource and reagents and most of all the need to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities, fast. Woksen Laboratory information management system

is designed exclusively for lab owners and pathologists like you to help manage the daily operations of the lab efficiently and grow the business. Using Woksen Laboratory Information Management System, business organizations can offer excellent and outstanding services to the customers. Woksen LIMS is a lightweight user-friendly program for managing and executing process tasks with synchronous and asynchronous

continuations. This solution is useful for Pathology lab centers to manage their businesses.
Woksen Laboratory Information Management System, helps to manage Patients information, Appointment, Lab Request and Lab Result with report. Woksen LIMS, is a product that coordinate and integrate all the activities involved in the management and running of a pathology center.

With smart & unique features Woksen LIMS can be used by any size of organization from small labs to corporate multispecialty hospitals. Woksen LIMS is a complete Laboratory/Pathology/Diagnostic center solution which includes innovative features with easy to use operations.

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