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All-In-One Solution that successfully manage your business anytime, anywhere, and simplify your Life.

Woksen Hostel Management!

In the backdrop of today’s tech savvy world, every mode and scale of hospitality business has a relevant context to use cloud based solutions – to manage their properties efficiently and achieve better ROI from their businesses. The simple reason here is – the target customers, in today context, are global, and are looking for services through online channels and engines. Currently, hostels and dormitories constitute a considerable chunk of the hospitality service providers – and they too need to leverage solutions which can enable them be present at the same place where their potential clientele are.

The Woksen hostel management system is geared towards maintaining all the hostel records of the users/students. This software has been specially designed to cater to the different departments of the hostel and is well equipped with various interactive features which are really simple for anyone to use. Woksen Hostel management software system is user friendly and more GUI oriented. The Woksen hostel management system has been
designed to automate and effectively manage the entire process of gaining admission to the hostel. The hostel management software gathers user information from its registration process and checks for room availability. The user is required to input all information on the hostel management software for the process to give a super fast output. The hostel management software then allocates rooms to the registered users and also records their fee and other advance payment details.

This helps in keeping an organized record of all users using the hostel facility through the hostel management software. All information stored in the hostel management software is accessible to the administrative department as well as the users. The hostel management software also gathers a feedback on the room, food and other amenities on a regular basis and sends fee reminders to all registered users. The hostel management software has proved to be an effective method of managing user information in the hostel premises.

Key Features

Multiple user login

Multiple branch with category

Hostel member management

Invoice management

Room bed management

Canteen management

POS Systems

Notice board

Advance login system

Chart & graphical dashboard

Manage beds & availability

Room management

Tennant shiftings

Balance management

Various types of reports

Payment and expiry of leasePayment and expiry of lease

Food terms management with category & sub category

Room management with category

“With Woksen hostel management system, you’ll have the same tools that industry leaders use to drive more reservations and make more money. Get the professional hostel management software you need to be more organized and efficient in both your day-to-day tasks and your long-term strategies.”

Woksen Hostel management system provides a full featured system to manage the entire residential facility.

This module will keep the updated records of user’s allocated room, meal, transfer room, manage hostel details, hostel room management, room allocation and leave, and manage mess details, inventory management of mess, report generations and other facilities. It gives clear idea of the hostel and room state and allows easy supervision of hostel maintenance. Woksen HMS delivers cutting-edge technology to accommodation facilities such as hostels, dormitory, tenants. It provides hostel managers with all of the necessary tools and functionality they need to run the business effectively and efficiently. The software solves two main problems: it makes reception tasks easier and less error prone, and it empowers the managers with data analytics and control over day to day processes and long-term strategies.

All functionality is available online in both desktop and mobile browsers. A real-time updated calendar view, instant booking updates, email notifications, automated emails, and revenue manager; these are just the tip of the iceberg. Also, private rooms and dorm beds can not only be easily managed but they also can be sold dynamically through the channel manager or website booking engine under multiple configurations to increase hostel revenue. The simplification of reception chores, advanced hostel management, integrated channel manager

and booking engine ensure a no compromise, best in class cloud system for hostel managers. Woksen Hostel Management System monitors and records a variety of information covering Hostel Attendance, Disciplinary Logs, as well as room charge status. Woksen Hostel management system module includes many features like fee collection, room allotment, room management as categorization of rooms, daily attendance register of hostel, room allotment register, room left report, charge due reports and receipts, room transfer register, room status report and other hostel reports.



Powerful but friendly Management System Online

Woksen hostel management system is a no compromise, web-based system with the power and flexibility of a desktop application.

  • Innovative
  • Cloud-based
  • Provides simple solutions to complex problems
  • For either a single property or a chain of properties
  • For hostels, hotels, B&Bs, rentals or apartments

Everything in One Place

Woksen hostel management system assists with managing & taking full control over crucial daily operations. It facilitates:

  • The entire reservation life cycle
  • Channel Management (direct connections, not 3rd party integrations)
  • Financial Management
  • Staff Management
  • Reporting & Forecasts
  • Invoicing & Tax Support
  • Powerful Auto-emailing

Unique – Sell 1 Room as either dorm or private!

Our innovative dynamic room inventory allows you to offer each room as multiple room types, both in the booking engine and on other booking portals:

  • Don’t limit your sales!
  • Don’t leave your rooms unoccupied!
  • Increase revenue!

Revenue Manager & Competitor Rate Scanner

  • Automated Price Strategies synchronized with channels
  • Automated Room Type Adjustment
  • Ability to track the prices of selected competitors

Scheduled Automated Emails

Built-in email manager allows sending emails, confirmations and reminders to guests.

  • Beautiful responsive booking confirmations
  • Reminders sent before guests arrive
  • Follow up surveys after guests check out
  • Set up different email templates for different channels

Eliminate manual tracking & paper work

  • No more time-consuming paperwork and manual tracking
  • Reduce staff & operational costs
  • Powerful and efficient student accommodation management software
  • Supports multi-location users
  • Automated hostel attendance records
  • Avoid staff negligence

Automated room booking & fee tracking

  • Simple and easy-to-use intuitive room reservation.
  • Auto-generate room list for each floor and block.
  • Auto-assignment of rooms by occupancy, size & capacity
  • Reduce delays in fee & mess bill collection.

Manage inventory & control expenses

  • Keep tight control over purchases & inventory with student hostel software.
  • Transparent bills and costs.
  • Reduce mess expenses.
  • Track students availing mess services.
  • Efficient mess management.
  • Optimize resource allocation in the hostel/mess.

Woksen hostel management software for hostel business, dormitory business, schools, colleges or university with most user-friendly and efficient software with great features, innovation and design.
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