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All-In-One Solution that successfully manage your business anytime, anywhere, and simplify your Life.

Woksen Hospital Management!

Woksen Hospital Management System is a complete Hospital/Medical Centre automation solution covering all of the processes Hospital including Patients Admissions & Discharge, Operation Theater Management, Pharmacy Sales & Stock Management, Laboratory & Tests Management, Doctors/Staff Management, Patient Accounts Management, Comprehensive Reporting options allowing to generate categorized income reports such as admissions, operations/procedures, pharmacy sales, laboratory income reports, high level executive revenue reports on daily, monthly and yearly basis. It includes different Modules such as Patients Admission module, Operation Theater Management Module, Pharmacy Module, Laboratory Module, Reports Module, Settings & Configuration Module, Users Management Module,
Database Back-up & Restore Module. All these modules are very well documented and also it comes along with the development guide. It Has almost all the reports that can be needed for the Hospital Management. Woksen Hospital/Clinic Management System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use platform. The system has multiple user access control for all system modules.
Woksen HMS enables you to develop your organization and improve its effectiveness and quality of work. This includes the hospital/clinic, back office and generic management of all activities. It integrates the entire resource of a hospital into one integrated software application. We aimed at offering fully configured web based healthcare solution enabled with mobile friendly features & characteristics.


Admin Dashboard

Appointment Management

Out-patient Management

In-patient Management

Doctor Discovery


Detailed MIS Reports

Package Master.

Interactive Dashboard.

Doctors Management

Nurses Management

Users Management

Pharmacists Accounts

Department Categorization

Laboratories Account

Accountant / Bills

Receptionist / Appointment

Online Appointment System

User Level-wise Report

Easy to customize

Doctors Time Off Management


Patients Management

Manage Beds

Noticeboard for Announcements

Patient Appointments Management

Appointment Request Management

Doctors Scheduling Management

Pharmacy / Stocks Management

Operation Theatre Management

Email & SMS Reminders


Rate Plan Master

Electronic Medical Records

Laboratory Management

Woksen HMS focus on the administrative needs of hospitals and offer an integrated form of software to manage all the aspects of hospital management such as medical administration, finance billing and other corresponding process of services. With this software Woksen HMS has reduce the usage of paperwork made easy to manage different operations in less time. Comprises the complete software for a multispecialty hospital where all information related to inventory, Account, Lab, System, Utility, Patient etc.


  • Improved patient interaction
  • Least manpower requirements
  • Instant information retrieval
  • Technically advanced
  • Timely treatment decisions
  • Saves lot of money to the promoters if HMS is web based
  • Allow remote access to all stake hlders including patients
  • Bootstrap Based Design
  • Fresh and Clean Code
  • Modern Website integration
  • All Browser Support
  • Fully Responsive
  • Reduced operating cost & progressive ROI
  • Web based HMS can also provide service such as online appointment scheduling
  • Accepting payment online becomes possible with Ecommerce for payment gateways
  • Powerful, flexible, easy to use and designed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics
  • Online claims processing for cashless patients become far too easy
  • Provides the benefits of streamlined operations, superior patient care, enhanced administration & control and improved profitability
  • Completely automates and integrates the Hospital’s entire process covering Clinical areas, Support functions, Finance, Supply Chain, Administrative and Billing functions

Woksen hospital management system is an advanced, powerful, flexible complete management software for Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic center, medical Institutes. Woksen HMS manage and automates your medical records and documents. It will be easy to keep track of appointments and availability of doctors, hospital rooms, ambulance, OPD etc. over a click. It provides you with robust and secure data storage along with the facility of data backup and recovery. Quick and easy patient registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement for your Hospital Management, log in any time anywhere, totally electronic medical records, unique patient identification; Woksen Hospital Management System offers futuristic solutions for you. It is a Software with highest quality, usability with lowest maintenance & cost. Our Hospital Management Application on secured private cloud enables you to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital.

“Hospitals have the responsibility of taking care of human health. They must take utmost care in providing health care services. Proper co- ordination of resources like man, machine, money and material is required to maintain superior quality in services rendered. Woksen Hospital Management System (HMS) or Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) or Hospital Information System (HIS) is an ideal package for integrating an entire healthcare organization.”



Multi Purpose Dashboard

  • 360-degree overview
  • Multiuser visualization
  • Universal Search

Multi User System

  • Administer Doctors
  • Supervise Nurses
  • Manage Pharmacists
  • Lead Laboratories
  • Assemble Accountants
  • Oversee Receptionists
  • Serve Patients

Doctor Appointment Manager

  • Set appointment from receptionist
  • Appointment confirmation/denial
  • SMS notification to patient
  • Appointment scheduling in doctor’s panel
  • Appointment scheduling in patient panel

Prescription & Diagnostic Report

  • Create detailed prescription
  • Add clinical reports
  • Patient case history
  • Previous patient history
  • Medication Management
  • Prescription printing facility

Patient Admission & Discharge

  • Add patients for treatment
  • Receive payments from patients
  • Discharge patients
  • Manage patient information

Medicine Inventory

  • Add Medicine
  • Check Inventory
  • Update/delete inventory

Payroll Management

  • Generate payroll for employees
  • Define employee salary
  • Add allowances and deductions
  • Generate, print pay slips


  • Multi-user employee mode
  • Manage personal details
  • Manage account details
  • Manage designation, departments and roles
  • Add, Update, Delete employees
  • Set employee access roles


  • Add new departments
  • Manage descriptions
  • Update department information


  • Create notice
  • Set the notice status
  • Provide description of notice
  • Employees get notified instantly


  • Customize system information
  • Language support
  • SMS settings
  • Email settings


  • Multiple roles
  • Manage profile
  • Edit/Update profile
  • Reset password

Financial Activities

  • Through this application hospital’s financial activities can be managed. Financial activities includes:
    • Patient wise Payments.
    • Invoice generation
    • Print Invoices.


  • Creating unlimited payment and expense categories.
  • Generating a very descriptive Date to Date financial report.
  • Hospital’s Daily, Monthly, Yearly and date to date income report.
  • Category wise Income and expense report.

Admin Login

  • Admin can manage full hospital.
  • Create, Edit & delete departments.
  • Create, Edit & delete doctor, patient, nurse, pharmacist, accountant, laboratorist.
  • Add, edit and delete bed & bed allotment.
  • Admin can manage financial activities.
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Can create, edit & delete payment, expense & categories.
  • Can view the Financial Report.
  • Add, edit & delete medicine & medicine category.
  • Add, edit & delete donor.
  • Add, edit & delete report.
  • Admin can change Hospital Settings.
  • Can view and edit own profile.

Doctor Login

  • Doctor can create, edit and delete patient.
  • Add, Edit & delete medicine.
  • Add, Edit & delete Donor.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed & bed allotments.
  • Add, Edit & delete bed categories.
  • Add, Edit & delete reports.
  • Can view own profile.
  • Can change password.

Patient Login

  • Patient can see own report.
  • Patient can see the blood bank.
  • Can manage own profile.

Pharmacist Login

  • Pharmacist Can manage everything about medicine.
  • Create medicine.
  • Can edit or delete.
  • Can create medicine categories.
  • Can edit or delete them.
  • Can preview or edit own profile.

Accountant Login

  • Accountant can manage the full financial activities.
  • Add payments.
  • Add expenses.
  • View Invoices.
  • Print Invoices.
  • Can generate date-to-date payment & expense category wise financial report.
  • Also, can add, edit or delete patients.
  • Can manage own profile.

Laboratorist Login

  • Laboratorist can manage the Patient, Donor and Report modules.
  • Create, edit and delete patients.
  • Create, edit and delete donors.
  • Create, edit and delete reports.
  • Can manage blood bank fully

Nurse Login

  • Nurse can manage the Patient, Bed & Donor module.
  • Create, edit and delete patients.
  • Create, edit and delete bed.
  • Create, edit and delete bed allotments.
  • Create, edit and delete bed categories.
  • Create, edit and delete donors.
  • Manage blood bank.
  • Create, edit & delete reports.

Monitor Hospital

  • Allot beds to patient
  • Manage blood donation
  • Blood bank reserve list
  • Generate reports
  • Enlist medicine supply

“Woksen Hospital Management System, Web based Hospital Information Management System is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize any small/medium/large scale hospital and connected clinics and its branches. It is fully online web based software. The information is available anytime, anywhere. There are plenty of exhaustive modules available in Woksen HMS, which makes it User friendly, highly versatile, Quick installable, Completely Database driven, Centralized Database etc. ”

On-Demand Hospital Management System. Minimizing the cost of delivering healthcare!
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