All about WannaCry and other cyber attacks & Hacks

The world of technology has fought against so many threats over the years in a bid to ensure that they are safe and secure always. Many are the times when information technology users have had to deal with adverse effects that come with the use of technology. Even so, the fight against attacks has been satisfactory and fruitful.

At some point, it has been a little easy dealing with cyber attacks. This has been so until the latest kind of attack was launched. The WannaCry ransomware crypto warm is the most recent type of cyber attack that the whole world is dealing with. Like other malicious programs, this computer worm is one that infects computers that are using Microsoft Windows operating systems and causing it to function less efficiently and thus becomes unreliable.

Primarily, WannaCry worm attacks Microsoft Windows operating system by encrypting data that is found on the computer and then demand a ransom to be paid up by the person that has an infected computer. This ransomware usually searches for files and can encrypt of up to 176 files of different kinds and of different and even append them.  When your computer has been infected, you will be demanded to pay up to the US $300 in Bitcoin which is a lot of money.

WannaCry ransomware usually spreads across local networks that have been created as well as through the internet systems of the world. The internet system is one that has not been updated recently. Any system that has been updated in the recent past has recent security updates that can help deter this attack. Those that have not been are exposed and are vulnerable to such attacks. To expose these systems, WannaCry uses EternalBlue exploit that was initially developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. The EternalBlue exploit was released two months before this attack by The Shadow Brokers.

Before this attack was launched against Microsoft, the company had issued a Patch that was capable of removing any vulnerability from the system. This was supposed to be applied to its customers worldwide. However, not many applied it, and that is why we are where we are today; under attack. 

A light at the end of the tunnel was discovered in that a kill switch was discovered for the malware. Even so, the developers of the worm went further ahead to update it so that no kill switch can be used to deter it or its effects. Even so, the upper side of things is that the attack slowed down a great deal.

Many people have had this problem from 12th May, and since then, this malware has attacked a total of over 230,000 computers, and there have been over 200,000 victims all over 150 countries. As the numbers keep going up, the countries that have had the worst experience from this include Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan.

When the information technology system of a country is brought to its knees by such malicious programs, the worst is always expected. With the launching of this kind of attack against countries, institutions, organizations and even individuals, much has been lost from day one up to date. When data cannot be accessed, business activities come to a halt because businesses are run with the provisions of data. This means that there is no flow of money and this affects the economy of a household and that of the country.


Update your computer security: as stated earlier, there are system updates that are recent from Microsoft Windows Company. Every person, organization or institutions that had updated their systems have been successful at deterring the attack. These security updates remove the vulnerability of systems. Therefore, if you are using Microsoft Windows and you are not affected, kindly update your security systems to the latest provided versions and you will be safe. This ransomware worm is out to get you, take charge of your security.

Install anti-virus: this will work for both WannaCry and other viruses or worms that may attack your computer system. This anti-virus will scan your computer to check whether there is any malware that is on your computer and take care of the problem.

Have a backup plan: ensure that you always have a backup plan for all your files. Set up a backup routine so that when you are attacked, you can use the backed-up data to run your operations. Use an external hard drive and this way; it will not be affected.

Be extremely alert: for this malware to be active on your computer, it has to be installed first. These malicious programs usually come via emails, applications and other kinds of information technology programs. When you are alert, you will not open anything that you know nothing about or is strange.

Immediately shut your computer: when you notice any complaints or abnormalities on your network, the best thing you can do is shut the network down immediately as well as your PC to prevent the encryption of your data or ultimately its loss.


There are concerns about the future problems that this kind of attack can have on a computer. These concerns include

Lack of assurance: when you pay the ransom, and it seems that everything has been returned to normal, how sure are you that it will not happen again? Already, by being infected, it is being marked. You just cannot be too sure.

More attacks from copycats: now that the code for the ransomware is found online, there are chances that more sophisticated versions can come up by the manipulations of these codes to come up with a far more dangerous version.

The ransomware keeps evolving: yes, Microsoft has come up with patches for the problem at hand, will it hold as the malware keep evolving? The kill switch worked a great deal to reduce the attacks, and the attackers upgraded their game. What if they update the malware to counter the effects of this security update?

This is just a trend that has just been set: this worm has not been a problem for long, and they have made a lot of money from it. This is a source of inspiration for many other malicious individuals that are geniuses when it comes to information technology.

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