Regarding our company name change from “Calinno technologies” to “Woksen Ventures

This very post is being posted in order to invite all our existing clients, friends and families that we are changing our firm name from “Calinno Technologies” to “Woksen Ventures.” The name of our firm has come into effect and henceforth will be known by the name of Woksen Ventures. We will continue to serve with our quality services and will be available to attend to your queries 24x7.

The name change option has been on our mind for a long duration, and finally, we decided to go with it. The reason behind the firm’s name change is purely for expanding our business opportunities. The name change has been made, and the new name of our firm is in effect. So, for any further inquiries or for searching online about our business or services we would like you to use the new name of our firm.

We have a strong feeling that with the name change of our firm we will surely be able to attend to your needs and requirements through our diversified services, in addition to that we are trying our best to provide the best version of our services to our clients in the neighboring countries. You can take the name change as a step ahead made by our firm to deliver better quality services at a reasonable price to our valued customers. 

Though this move has made it hard for us to reach out to our potential customers who come to us via a reference, in this tough time, we are assured that we would receive support from our trustworthy and valuable client base. We would really appreciate your help in spreading the news of our firm's name change and would like you to offer us business leads so that we could help others via our services and great customer support.

We would like to make a promise here only that despite the news of our firm’s sudden name change, Woksen Ventures will keep the tradition of offering great services that our clients have availed and enjoyed within the span of 4 years that our company has been in this industry. We surely have widened the scope of the services that we offer and will do our best to deliver you with wider options in future. 

In order to meet the global demand and match with the ever increasing competition in the IT & Software business, we have expanded our services and have made addition new addition in the list of services offered by our firm. We are sure you too must be delighted with the news of newer addition in our services list. This very move will give our present clients and other potential clients an opportunity to get involved with our company and enjoy our services. The software and web applications services that we are catering now include:

  • Website design and development 
  • Web application
  • Mobile application 
  • Domain & Hosting 
  • E-commerce Development 
  • Branding Solutions 
  • Bulk SMS & Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Voice Broadcasting 
  • Toll-Free services
  • Video & Media Creations 
  • SEO & content writing

Our software firm has been making progress with the old name, and we understand that we will be experiencing some setback because of our sudden announcement about our firm’s name change to Woksen Ventures from Calinno Technologies. But we know that in order to expand our business and for getting in touch with clients of our neighboring countries we decided to enter the worldwide platform with a catchier and much attractive name. We would surely like to know about your reactions to the news of our firm’s name change step in order to access the response from our other clients. Please feel free to contact us regarding any issues with our company’s name change and any other queries that you may have regarding our services. You can find our contact number on our official website and can also contact via phone. We will be available 24x7 for answering all queries.  

We have decided to expand our business worldwide with the help and support of our channel partners and are sure of taking our company to new heights with our sheer dedication and unmatchable services. 

We have always been delighted to be on the top of the priority lists of our clients while they seek any IT and software related services, we would like you to show similar trust towards our company. Remember that though the name of our company has changed, our motto to offer unmatchable services to our clients haven’t changed. We will still be progressing in this highly competitive field by prioritizing the needs and requirements of our clients.   

It is a well-known fact that we have a strong base here in the country but the outside world is a new territory to use, and it is kind of unexplored by our firm. However, we are equipped to tackle every problem and jump every hurdle to achieve our target of offering high-quality services to our potential clients from every part of this world. In order to meet our goals and to continue providing others our help and services, we would appreciate your help in spreading the news of our firm’s name change. In addition to that, it will be great if you would provide us any leads or divert other clients looking for the services that we provide by referring our firm to them. We won’t force but if you liked our services and appreciated our efforts then doing this favor will really be appreciated by us.

In the end, we would like to thank our partners and customers who have been supportive and closely associated with our firm in bad as well as good times. We will not only try but will make sure to commit to pursuing the core value of our firm that is working towards offering great services to our clients and to investing our full potential in order to continue the steady and regular growth of our firm.   

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