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All-In-One Solution that successfully manage your business anytime, anywhere, and simplify your Life.


The salon / spa / beauty parlor industry is growing like never before and if you own a salon / spa / beauty parlor, then you are in the best times of servicing customers and make the cash counters ring. While the timing might be right, you’ll still face stiff competition from your counterparts. You need to have some serious thinking and strategy on what keeps you special for your customers. Customers are scouting the best salon where the experience is seamless, with quality service and constant engagement. To live up to the expectations of customers you need to have a well organized approach to schedule appointments, manage customers and employees. We offer a salon management system with unprecedented ease-of-use and POS features that enhance your business management.When your clients come to their appointment at your business, they are looking for an opportunity
to relax and be pampered. By investing in innovative salon management system, you are creating an enhanced experience for every one of your customers. Salon management is not always an easy job; often people are found juggling between scheduling appointments, payments, and inventory, on top of ensuring customer satisfaction. Purchasing Salon management system for your establishment will help you maintain your sanity and give your clients the experience they are looking for when they visit your business. With the implementation of this appointment scheduling, POS, and full management system, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to run your business effectively and efficiently. Woksen Salon management system provides you a powerful and systematic approach to efficiently manage your salon from appointment scheduling to running successful business.



Online Booking

Keep your chairs filled by increasing appointments through your social media pages.

Clients & Membership

Delight your clients and create "Wow" always with attractive membership schemes.

Client Records

Every point of sale transaction is tracked and tied to each client’s purchase history, providing quick rebooking.


You can easily access your business data 24×7, you can plan promotions, check your appointment book & revenue on the go any time any where.


With Woksen management system Streamline your Salon’s/Spa’s Appointments on a single Screen Calendar page.

Data Safety

Data are more secure in cloud than local computer. Save your data from insider theft like Data theft by Receptionist, Manager or Local Computer Engineer.


Get repeat business and grow client base cost effectively with personalized marketing

Staff & Commissions

Multiply your revenues quickly by keeping your stylists motivated with attractive incentives


Woksen Salon provides you a simple yet a standard billing solution with an automated offer redemption feature.


Check clients in, book new ones, find out who’s available, and see what’s coming up with color codes.


Reduce malpractices by keeping track your stock levels in a simple manner and save money


Collect real time customer feedback with insights to improve your overall client experience

Package & Combos

Increase revenue with packages & offers by bundling services as one offer and sell

All In One Plan

Single Plan for all the features, one rate which you can afford to pay.

No Restrictions on usage & users

Unlimited Access to Any number of Users, Staffs & Devices, it’s yours use it to the fullest.


Get sales, customer, staff and stock insights. Keep an eye on from most valued customers to the most loved services. Get benefitted with real-time data, gain insight and make better decisions for growth.

Avoid Data Loss

Your data in cloud are stored with multiple redundant backup across borders. You may loss your data if it has been stored in your local computer by virus or if disk gets corrupted.


It keeps track of everything that happens with your information and even backs it up automatically for you. You decide who sees what by controlling permission to every feature in the software.


We believe that every subscriber has rights to get: training, support & regular updates, and we provide those necessity for FREE.

Salon software offers an end to end solution that includes:

  • Simple and easy to use Salon booking and POS application
  • Stunning responsive single webpage for your business profile
  • Easy and flexible appointment scheduler
  • Integrated Point of Sale to bill services and sell products
  • Get ready for your upcoming day with our Dashboard, complete with Business Summary, Productivity Meter, Top Booked Services, and more.
  • Centralized customer data storage management available on cloud
  • Send instant notifications and reminders to customers to reduce no shows and fill slow days
  • Add staff; maintain multiple user logins, schedule working days and service timings
  • Add service groups and services
  • Add products and maintain stock control

Woksen Salon Management System makes your beauty business (Hair Salon, Nail Salon, Beauty Parlor) or spa (Day Spa, Massage Spa, Nail Spa, Medi Spa) more organized, you will save time and provide better customer service.

Woksen Salon Management System is a Powerful and Easy to Use Online Salon & Spa Management Software. Our salon software is a complete package for your beauty business, salon or spa. For any salon & spa to run its business successfully, it becomes very necessary to manage Clients, Employee, Inventory & Expenses effectively & timely.

Easy to Use Salon PoS (Point of Sale) System hosted in cloud which will help you manage the core area of your business very easily in just few clicks. Run & Manage your business virtually 24×7.
It is very affordable and easy to use system. System fixed the appointment time for every customer which is legitimate and error free. System automatically generate the bill for every customer based on the services availed by them. Also,

Also, admin can view the list of appointments for a particular date. Admin can check the availability of the beauty products and suppose to manage the stock. Admin can view the list of transactions done by the employees.
Also, admin can calculate the salary of an employee very efficiently and effectively. it helps in stock management and product maintenance. Main admin can view the list of employees and customers.

Woksen Salon Management System software saves you money and increases your customer retention.
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