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  • All candidate should be applied for “General Questions” Section, it is mandatory. And all the “Advance Questions” sections are optional.

  • You may also be asked questions related to your background, your skills, your experience, and your availability for work. The questionnaire might also include test questions to measure your ability to do the job.

  • Thoroughly answer each question without providing too much detail, just as you would in an actual in-person or phone interview. If the questionnaire includes space in which to answer each question, don't exceed the space given. Keep your answers concise but complete
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  • Make sure to answer these questions accurately; the information you provide here should reflect what you said in your resume and job application.

  • The questions are developed based on each major task and responsibility in the position description and on knowledge, skills, and abilities required by the position. Include problemsolving questions that allow the applicant to think creatively.

  • The following Interview Questionnaire has been developed to provide hiring supervisors a resource from which to select questions that will help identify the candidate who will be most successful in a position.

  • We are committed to providing a positive work environment for our employees and this online interview process provides a valuable source of information to assist us in assessing the overall quality of work-life. We would appreciate a few moments of your time to complete the following questionnaire.

  • Your responses will be treated with complete confidence and a summarized report of all online interviews conducted will be provided to the senior management team periodically

Online Interview Questionnaire Form

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1. Describe yourself in few words.
2. What are your major skills regarding the job, you have applied for?
3. What is your educational qualification?
4. Why did you leave your previous job?
5. What is the most attractive feature of this job profile?
6. Why do you want to join our organization?
7. Where do you see yourself after few years in this industry?
8. What is your Salary Expectation?

1. What is the highest level of education you have received?
2. List all degrees you have earned. Give the name of the institution from which each degree was earned and the field of study of each degree.
3. List any other education or training relevant to the position.
1. Who is your present or most recent employer?
2. What are/were your major responsibilities at (present/most recent job)?
3. Which skills have you acquired in your present or previous positions that make you competitive for this position?
4. What do/did you like best about that position? What do/did you like least?
5. Which accomplishments in your present position are you proud of and why?
6. Why are you planning to/did you leave that position?
7. Where have you worked in the past? What did you learn there?
8. Have you ever had a job that is similar to this position? Describe your responsibilities there.
1. Have you found any ways to make your job easier or more rewarding?
2. What do you do differently from other people in the same position?
3. Have you ever recognized a problem before your boss or others in the organization? How did you handle it?
4. What do you do in your job that is not covered in your job description?
5. We’ve all had occasions when we were working on something that just “slipped through the cracks.” Can you give me some examples of when this happened to you? Cause? Result?
6. In your past experience, have you noticed any process or task that was being done unsafely (incorrectly)? How did you discover it or come to notice it?
7. Are you doing a good job? How do you know?
8. Give me some examples of doing more than required in your job?
9. Can you think of some projects or ideas (not necessarily your own) that were carried out successfully primarily because of your efforts?
10. What new ideas or suggestions have you come up with at work?
11. This job requires much time working alone. Tell me about a job or project where you worked unsupervised and were given only general guidelines for job/project completion.
12. Have you found any ways to make other employees’ jobs easier or more rewarding?
13. What career accomplishments are you most proud of?
14. What did you do to change the aspects of your job that you dislike?
1. What pressures do you feel in your job? How do you deal with them?
2. Describe the highest-pressure situations you have been under recently. How did you cope with them?
3. Tell me how you maintain constant performance while under time and work load pressures.
4. Describe times in the past year when you have been most upset with yourself at work.
5. In your career, what has been your greatest disappointment?
6. Give me an example of when your ideas were strongly opposed by a co-worker or supervisor. What was the situation? What was your reaction? What was the result?
1. What is your greatest strength? How has this helped you to achieve success in your career?
2. What is your greatest weakness? How have you learned to compensate for it?
3. What do you like to do in your spare time?
4. How do you organize your day?
5. How often is your time schedule upset by unforeseen circumstances? What do you do when that happens? Tell me about a specific time.
6. How do you establish priorities in scheduling your time? Give examples.
7. What is your procedure for keeping track of items requiring your attention?
8. What did you do to get ready for this interview?
9. We have all had times when we just could not get everything done on time. Tell me about a time that this happened to you. What did you do?
10. Tell me how you establish a course of action to accomplish specific long-and-short term goals.
11. Do you postpone things? What are good reasons to postpone things?
12. Give me some examples of projects or tasks where you postponed immediate action. Why?
13. How do you catch up on an accumulated backlog of work after a vacation or conference?
1. What are your standards of success in your job? What have you done to meet these standards?
2. Bosses sometimes are not satisfied with the way we do certain things or complete certain projects. Can you give me some examples of when this happened to you?
3. What do you consider the most important contribution your department has made to this organization? What was your role?
4. What factors, other than pay, do you consider most important in evaluating yourself or your success?
5. Everyone has to bend or break the rules sometime. Can you give me some examples of when you had to do this?
6. When judging the performance of others, what factors or characteristics are most important to you?
7. Describe the time you worked the hardest and felt the greatest sense of achievement.
8. Tell me about a time when you weren’t very pleased with your work performance. Why were you upset with your performance? What did you do to turn around your performance?
9. When have you declined a work-related decision? Why?
1. When dealing with individuals or groups, how do you determine when you are pushing too hard? How do you determine when you should back off? Give an example.
2. From time to time, all of us are confronted by someone who wastes our time at work. Tell me about some situations like that. What did you do?
3. How do you go about developing rapport (relationships) with individuals at work?
4. Give me some examples of when one of your ideas was opposed in a discussion. How did you react?
5. Tell me, specifically, what you have done to show you are a team player at a company
6. When did you last lose your temper at work? Describe the reasons. What was the outcome?
1. We’ve all had occasions when we misinterpreted something that someone told us (like a due date, complicated instructions, etc.) Give me a specific example of when this happened to you. What was the situation? Why was there a misinterpretation? What was the outcome?
2. What kind of reports/proposals have you written? Can you give me some examples?
3. Give an example of when you told someone to do something, and they did it wrong. What was the outcome?
4. What reports that you are currently preparing (or recently prepared) are the most challenging and why?
5. What kinds of presentations have you made? Can you give me some examples? How many presentations do you make a year?
5. What kinds of presentations have you made? Can you give me some examples? How many presentations do you make a year?
7. What different approaches do you use in talking with different people? How do you know you are getting your point across?
8. What is the worst communication problem you have experienced? How did you handle it?
1. Describe how you instruct someone to do something new. What were you training them to do? Walk me through how you did it.
2. Tell me about a time you had to win approval from your co-workers for a new idea or plan of action.
3. Tell me about a new idea or way of doing something that you came up with which was agreed to by the boss. What did you do to get it to the right person? What did you do to get the boss to agree? Be specific.
4. Describe any supervisory or leadership training, schooling, or work experience you have had and its relevance to this position.
5. Give a specific example of something you have done that demonstrates you are a team player.
6. What leadership skills and experience do you have that would qualify you as an effective leader? Be specific.
7. What are your long-and-short term plans for your department? Are they in writing?
1. Give me an example of when you worked the hardest and felt the greatest sense of achievement.
2. All jobs have their frustrations and problems. Describe specific job conditions, tasks, or assignments that have been dissatisfying to you. Why?
3. Give me some examples of past working experience that you have found personally satisfying.
4. What are some recent responsibilities you have taken on? Why did you assume these responsibilities?
5. Tell me about the most boring job or task you have had. Why was it boring? What did you do about it? How did you handle the boredom?
6. Tell me about a time when the duties and responsibilities available in a specific position overlapped with duties and responsibilities that brought you personal satisfaction.
7. Why did you choose this (career, type of work)?
8. What job values are important to you?